DeadEye Stare is a high-energy 5-piece rock band from Millersville, MD that has been entertaining music lovers throughout Maryland, DC & Virginia for years.  They bring authenticity and enthusiasm to every show.  A couple of things overheard at nearly all DeadEye Stare shows are “Their set list is so refreshing” and “I feel like I just saw a real concert, not a cover band.”

The members have all played in a variety of bands, each one bringing his own unique experience to the group.  Lead singer
Mike Haley’s music resume includes a stint with world-renowned artist Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush.  Mike’s strong, pitch perfect vocal, and his ability to channel the artists being covered will astound you.  Chris Boron brings the thunder on the Bass, Ed Reyes and Gabe Gnall provide their melodic riffs on Guitar, and Duane Ferguson keeps the ever-steady backbeat on Drums.

DeadEye Stareplays mostly a variety of Modern Rock, but you’ll hear some Top 40 tunes and even some older stuff at the show.  Whether you like to dance all night, rock out and jump around, or simply sit back and listen to great music played expertly, you will not be disappointed.  You also don’t have to worry that you’ll get the same show every time you come out.  DeadEye Stare is always adding new material to give you a reason to keep coming back for more.

DeadEye Stareplays through state of the art sound equipment for the ultimate musical experience.

What’s with the name?  Thanks for asking!  Our fearless drummer is an avid sportsman and hunter.  We practice in his basement surrounded by his hunting trophies from the US and Africa (sorry, animal lovers).  After another great practice one night, someone said, “They just look at us with that dead eye stare… Hey, that sounds like a great band name!”  Now you know!